Amsterdam rentals

Amsterdam rentals include a wide range of short-term holiday apartments for travelers from around the world. Unlike hotels, which can be overpriced and unpredictable , short stay apartment rentals (also called self-catering apartments) provide you with what you want whether you are a backpacking across the continent or taking the luxury trip of a lifetime! For the price conscious traveler, Amsterdam rentals can be found with studio-style flats, or you can book a room with a group of friends and split the bill. Since you are paying for the room, not by the person, the size of your party is up to you, though most places have a limit of 4 guests. On the more elegant side, Amsterdam luxury rentals can be found in fashionable districts and out of the way places. You can get stunning views of the canal, rent a historic residence in the city center, or perhaps rent a riverboat apartment and live like the storied mariners which made the Netherlands into a world power before the term was invented. 

Apartments for rent in Amsterdam Amsterdam rentals
Almost all Amsterdam rental s have fully stocked kitchens, sofas, and an atmosphere similar to a furnished apartment. You can come and go as you please, and blend into the vibrant city surroundings just like the people of the Netherlands. If you want to try life as an expat, you can get extended stay apartments or find discounted Amsterdam rentals so you can stretch your travel budget before you decide whether this is the city for you. Best of all, you can see firsthand why our best customers come back multiple times as they sample the rich variety of Amsterdam rental options and holiday apartments. No matter whether you’re visiting from across the channel or from the other side of the world, finding the best short stay apartment rental service in the Netherlands will make your vacation that much easier.

Apartments for Rent in Amsterdam

Below is a list of apartments for rent in Amsterdam that can be rented for a short term or for your extended stay in Amsterdam. All our Amsterdam rentals are located in the city centre, are close to or even in the cosiest areas of Amsterdam such as the Jordaan.
Currently all our Amsterdam apartments are listed at Short allowing you to book your apartment rental online.